Grenada Football Leagues

To become the leading Football League in the Caribbean


Match Grid

Crown City Masters
Grand Mal Generals
Just Brands St. Andrew's
Police Masters
Queens Park Rangers
Real Old Men
St. David's Masters
St. Paul's Masters
Willis Masters
Crown City Masters 1-4 1-4 3-1
Grand Mal Generals 1-0 2-0
Just Brands St. Andrew's 2-1 2-0
Police Masters 0-0 0-2 3-2
Queens Park Rangers 3-1 10-1
Real Old Men P-P 1-1
St. David's Masters 0-0 2-7
St. Paul's Masters 0-2 2-2 3-1
Veterans 3-1 3-0 P-P
Willis Masters 1-5 0-7 3-1


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